#byebye_trump_Osaka2019 G20 Osaka No! Action Week – 2019/6/23 – 6/29 Goodbye Trump! Goodbye Abe! Get Together For Our Future! April 4, 2019


We, peace-loving people and organizations in Japan committed to the rights of diverse components of the society and the protection of the environment of the earth, are preparing to mobilize against G20 Summit to be held in Osaka on June 28 – 29.

In face of prolonged wars and military buildup in the world, catastrophic failures of neo-liberal economic policies, rising of racism and bigotry, existential crisis of the earth environment, voices of grassroots people should decide the future of the human society. We do not mandate the self-claimed leaders of the world who gather as “G20” to decide anything among themselves.

Our special emphasis is on the extraordinary and dangerous role of Trump administration in the U.S. and Shinzo Abe’s government in Japan which closely cooperate with it. Democracy is at stake and decision making based on facts is endangered. The rise of Trump dramatically increased antagonism and cruelty.

We are with all the people in the world resisting the brutalityof Trumpism. We are with workers of the world fighting against harsh neo-liberal offensive, refugees faced with expulsion in the U.S. and Europe, people defending their inherited land and forest from extractivism, people courageously raising their voices for their dignity and people struggling to survive under harsh conditions.

G20 Osaka No! Action Week will be our response to this critical situation. We invite like-minded people and organizations in the world to join us by sending message of solidarity, sharing their visions and struggles and mobilizing anywhere during the week of June 23 – 29.

G20 Osaka No! Action Week will link people and groups concerned with and active over the following issues,

– Peace in Korean Peninsula and East Asia

– Ceasing of neo-liberal economic policy

– Overcoming social division and hate

– moving toward the world of coexistence and solidarity

– Sustainable world without nuclear weapon/nuclear power plants and poverty

– Stop oppression of democratic rights in the name of security

Hideharu Saito, former Professor at Osaka Sangyou University

Suzuyo Takasato, Okinawa Women Act Against Military Violence

Ryoichi Hattori, former Member of House of Representatives

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